Who I Am



Born in Genoa in 1990, I have always loved drawing since I was a child. A passion evidently already detected by my primary school teachers, who described me in a report card as having “exceptional communication skills through drawing”.

At the Middle Schools I discovered Technical Drawing, and my predilection for this subject made me choose in 2004 to continue my studies at the Technical Institute for Surveyors (Geometri) of the City of Chiavari, where I graduated regularly in 2009.
During the years of study I discovered a particular interest in Topography and Architectural Design. I learned CAD Drawing as a self-taught, and looking for a greater realism in the representation of the drawing, I learned as a self-taught also the basics of B.I.M. 3D Design.

Having decided to become a Professional Surveyor (Geometra), I carried out my Apprenticeship covering mainly the role of assistant for Architectural and Topographical Surveys (also with the use of G.P.S.) and Technical Expertise (both C.T.P. and C.T.U.), while continuing to improve my skills in Architectural Design and in CAD and BIM 3D Technical Drawing.

In this period, thanks also to the first Collaborations with some of the most famous Technical Firms in my area, applying myself to the resolution of real cases, I acquired those competences in Legal, Estimative and Cadastral fields, which complete the professional background indispensable to the Professional Surveyor (Geometra).

In 2014 I finally obtained my Qualification as Professional Surveyor (Geometra), resulting the best in the Architectural Design Test.

In the period immediately following, my Collaboration with a local Accountancy Firm allowed me to acquire good experience also in the delicate area of Successions.


They say about me that I am precise and determined. These two characteristics, perhaps matured more than anything else with the experience gained over time, arise from the need not only to better assist the Customer in his dealings with the intricate world of italian bureaucracy, but also to produce from the outset technically and formally correct works.

I also try, when possible, to carry out my Assignments quickly, in order to help the Customers in the best possible way with the timing of the various requests.


  • Registered in the Register of Professional Surveyors (Geometri) of the Province of Genoa at n°3791
  • Registered in the Register of Energy Certifiers of the Liguria Region at n°8282
  • Registered in the Register of C.T.U. – Technical Consultants of the Court of Genoa
  • Accredited Professional to RINA S.p.A.



2016 – “Designing and Building Wooden Houses” Course

2017 – “BIM in Building Design” Course

2018 – “Restoration and Conservation of the Architectural Heritage” Course

2018 – “Technical Consultant of the Court” Course

2019 – “Augmented Reality” Course

2020 – “Interior Design” Course

2020 – “Thermohydraulic Systems” Course